Merchant Risk Made Simple

Automate analysis of a merchant's web presence in under 30 seconds

Our Solutions

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Web Presence Review

One simple API to analyze hundreds of signals across the merchant's website and internet reputation in under 30 seconds.

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Merchant Monitoring

Monitor a merchant's website daily for real-time risk identification and enhanced compliance.

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Risk Sharing Network & Smart Blocklist

Prevent repeat offenders by instantly flagging new businesses that apply with similar credentials.

Share and receive fraud cases from across the TrueBiz Risk Sharing Network.

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How We Help

Enabling payments providers to automate more of the underwriting process

Speed Up Time to Activation

Reduce the good merchants from dropping out due to manual review wait times

Reduce Manual Review

Remove the need to analyst to spend 20 minutes Googling each merchant

Reduce Risk

Prevent prohibited merchants from accessing your service

Backed by Leading Investors

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As seen in TechCrunch

"TrueBiz helps financial services providers onboard business customers faster, avoid fraud. TrueBiz’s end goal is to fundamentally change how financial services organizations verify businesses during account opening"

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