Fight Known Fraud &
Repeat Offenders

Transform your risk management and redefine security with our interconnected protective network

Smart Blocklist

Create a private database of the high-risk merchants you’ve identified and declined. Instantly flag new businesses that apply with the same credentials.

Defend against known fraud

Instantly identify known fraudulent merchants and repeat offenders

Streamline risk management

Stop wasting time and resources processing applications from repeat offenders

Future-proof fraud prevention

Keep ahead of evolving threat and prevent fraudsters from scaling attacks

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How it works

1. Identify-01.svg


Identify merchants you deem to be high-risk, whether for fraud-related or other reasons

2. Register-01.png


Add high-risk merchants to your private Blocklist

3. Reject lookalikes-01.png

Reject Lookalikes

Receive a notification when merchants using similar credentials to cases you've blocked attempt to access your services

4. Inform.svg


Opt in to share fraud cases that you've flagged on your Smart Blocklist with other TrueBiz clients on the Risk Sharing Network

Risk Sharing Network

Share the fraud cases on your Smart Blocklist with other TrueBiz clients and receive their intelligence on fraudulent merchants in return.

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How it works

Share Fraud Cases

Opt-in to share the website URL of known fraudulent merchants with the network

See what others have flagged

Get alerted when a merchant you have searched for has been flagged by someone on the network

Proprietary research

TrueBiz's in-house research team is constantly reviewing known compromised, fraud or phishing entities to add to the network

Strictly Opt-In
No PII Shared
Collective Intelligence


Prevent repeat offenders from accessing your service and
leverage the collective intelligence of the industry

Leverage collective intelligence

Gain insights on 100k+ businesses already flagged as high-risk

Prevent Synthetic Businesses

Ensure that legitimate businesses are not being mis-represented by fraudsters

Keep 1 Step Ahead

Enjoy the network effects of interconnected protective measures

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