Automate Analysis of Merchant's Web Presence

Instantly understand a merchant's website and internet reputation. Expedite onboarding with automated analysis of hundreds of risk signals.

Merchant Web Presence Analysis

Analyze hundreds of risk signals from across the merchant's web presence in under 30 seconds

Website Data

Review key data points from the merchant's website

Industry Classification

Validate industry based on website content and indications from third parties

Social Media Analysis

Analyze local and industry level profiles to assess sentiment and activity

Review Page Analysis

Assess the sentiment of third party reviews

Location Assessment

Validate various signals for the operating locations of the merchant

Blocklisted Companies

Search our proprietary database of known fraudulent companies

How it works

Automatically analyze 250+ data points on the merchant's internet profile

Configure risk indicators.png

Set risk preferences

Configure your decision logic, or use defaults informed by deep industry expertise

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Deep search the web

Proprietary machine learning algorithms automatically analyze hundreds of subtle risk signals across the merchant's web presence

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Rapidly action results

Get a clear Pass or Fail in under 30 seconds, alongside detailed merchant profile


How TrueBiz helps merchant acquirers streamline onboarding

Automate Website Review

Remove the need for an analyst to Google each business that needs verification

Scale Risk Assessment

Reduce wait times for legitimate customers and prevent churn

Save Time

Discover all the data you'd find in 20 minutes of Googling in under 30 seconds in 1 API call

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