Alloy partners with TrueBiz to automate merchant web presence verification and reduce risk for Financial Institutions

Alloy partners with TrueBiz to automate merchant web presence verification and reduce risk for Financial Institutions

Alloy, the leading end-to-end identity risk management platform for banks and fintech companies, today announced its partnership with TrueBiz, a specialist in merchant risk analysis, to enable Financial Insitutions (FIs) to instantly verify a merchant’s website and internet reputation.‍ The partnership with TrueBiz helps Alloy’s 400+ clients automate critical underwriting processes, reduce manual overheads, and unlock scale.

Over 400 banks and fintech companies rely on Alloy to take control of fraud, credit, and compliance risk, and grow with the clearest picture of their customers.. Alloy's platform connects companies to more than 190 data sources of KYC/KYB, AML, credit, and compliance data through a single API to help manage identity risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

With TrueBiz, payments providers and other FIs can streamline and standardize the review of a merchant’s web presence and internet reputation. Historically an inconsistent, slow and manual process, TrueBiz leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms to ingest and analyze hundreds of risk indicators from across the internet. In under 30 seconds, TrueBiz returns a succinct, thorough and actionable risk assessment. TrueBiz enables FIs to improve their customer experience by expediting onboarding for the most suitable merchants, while mitigating the risk of prohibited merchants accessing their services.

“Comprehensively understanding the risk profile of merchants is critical, but inefficient. Information is scattered across the internet, and waiting for manual underwriting teams to verify it increases the risk of drop-off and time to activation. We’re delighted to be working with Alloy to solve these challenges, and deliver compliant, scalable merchant onboarding solutions.”
Danny Hakimian, CEO at TrueBiz.

Alloy clients can now leverage TrueBiz’s Web Presence Review from within their existing Alloy environment. The partnership enables them to configure their own custom logic and criteria in a no-code environment, and instantly surface data about the merchant risk factors they consider most important. TrueBiz returns a straightforward pass or fail result in under 30 seconds, together with a detailed profile of the business and the reason for the decision. 

“Our partnership with TrueBiz is a game-changer for helping payments providers and other FIs address the persistent challenges of fraud and identity risk. By automating the previously manual process of merchant web presence verification, TrueBiz uplevels the onboarding process for the banks and fintechs that rely on Alloy for their business verification workflows.”
Padraig Mageean, Director of Data Partnerships at Alloy.

To learn more about the TrueBiz's services and how to set up your integration, book a demo here, and read more about the partnership on the Alloy partner portal.

About Alloy

Alloy solves the identity risk problem for companies that offer financial products. Over 400 banks and fintechs turn to Alloy’s end-to-end identity risk management platform to take control of fraud, credit, and compliance risks, and grow with confidence. Founded in 2015, Alloy is powering the delivery of great financial products to more customers around the world. Learn more at

About TrueBiz

TrueBiz reduces manual review during business underwriting by automating analysis of the company’s web presence. TrueBiz provides an instant assessment of the web presence riskiness, together with detailed data on the company from around the web (100+ data points like industry, policy analysis, location). To learn more about TrueBiz, visit