TrueBiz launches Web Presence Review

TrueBiz launches Web Presence Review

Instant verification of a merchant’s website and internet reputation

Manually verifying a merchant’s web presence is a barrier to growth for payment providers. It’s slow, inconsistent and expensive – and if it’s not performed accurately, the consequences can be considerable.

TrueBiz Web Presence Review automates the review of a merchant’s website and internet reputation. It analyzes hundreds of signals from across the web to return a clear and thorough risk assessment in under 30 seconds. The TrueBiz Web Presence Review empowers payment providers to onboard the most suitable merchants quickly, while automating a response for those they cannot onboard.

Manual web presence verification is slow and resource-intensive

Verifying a merchant's website and internet reputation is crucial during new merchant onboarding. Payments providers must comprehensively understand the risk each potential customer poses.

Traditionally, assessing a merchant's web presence has been a hurdle. Payments providers either had to expand manual underwriting teams or depend on legacy vendors, both options leading to slow and incomplete responses. Important information on the merchant is scattered across their website and numerous local and industry level digital profiles. These inefficiencies lead to long wait times for legitimate customers to access services, potentially driving them away.

Automate analysis of a merchant's web presence in under 30 seconds

TrueBiz Web Presence Review resolves these challenges. It automates the review of hundreds of subtle signals from across a merchant’s web presence in under 30 seconds. 


The technology rapidly ingests data points such as website content, merchant policies, domain structure, website design complexity, webserver anatomy, transaction laundering signals, review sentiment, location signals, potential owners and more. 

This data is then analyzed using proprietary machine learning algorithms to give payment providers a straightforward pass or fail result, together with a detailed profile of the business and the reason for the decision. 

The algorithm’s decision logic is guided by our client’s individual risk preferences, together with our learnings of industry standards across millions of commercial websites and industry regulations.


TrueBiz Web Presence Review eliminates inefficient manual processes for payment providers, helping them cut costs and redeploy analysts’ valuable time. It also removes friction from the merchant onboarding process, preventing drop-off and allowing key accounts to be expedited. Most importantly, it gives payment providers confidence in their compliance, so they can avoid costly fines and reputational risk from the point of onboarding and beyond.

To learn more about how it could help you optimize merchant onboarding, book a demo here and review our API documentation.