Business Attributes

Discover enhanced firmographic data using hundreds of sources from around the web

Build the complete picture

Find details about the business from around the web without needing to Google around

Industry Classification

Highly accurate categorization of what the business does within 400 possible industries. Map to standardized industry codes automatically

UBO Search

Unveil the key people controlling the business

Web Presence

Gather insights from their website, review pages and social media to build a more complete picture

Address Validation

Discover the operating addresses of the company and confirm it's a commercial address


Use Cases

How clients are using the data we provide

Autofill Applications

Using just a verified email, complete the majority of your application without manual input

Expedite Key Accounts

Highlight the top companies that may require white glove service

Automate Risk Assessment

Remove the need for an analyst to Google each business that needs verification

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