Merchant Monitoring

Real-time insights and proactive risk management at the same cost as traditional monthly monitoring

How it works

Optimize compliance and profitability with advanced merchant monitoring technology

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Daily Scanning

Thorough checks on a random selection of core pages of each monitored merchant’s website every single day. This means you're constantly updated and can catch any potential risks as they arise, ensuring immediate risk identification and proactive compliance management.

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Monthly Deep-Dive

In addition to daily scans, we conduct comprehensive monitoring of the entire site once a month (or a cadence of your choosing). This thorough analysis ensures that no risk goes unnoticed, providing a detailed overview of the merchant’s web presence and reinforcing continuous compliance.

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Our merchant monitoring solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems via our API. This allows you to programmatically trigger and customize the monitoring process, defining your own schedule and specific criteria for alerts. The API-first approach ensures flexibility and ease of use, adapting to your business needs effortlessly without the need for clunky CSV uploads.

Benefits of Always-On Monitoring

React immediately to changing merchant risk
without waiting a month for your next monitoring run

Real time alerts

Reduce your long exposure window by running real time searches

Reduce chargebacks

Run risk assessment more regularly, and receive granular results in real-time

Prevent Risk

Rapidly assess stress on the merchant across hundreds of signals

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