Merchant Monitoring

Elevate your risk processes from a static, monthly search to an always-on automated assessment

How it works

Optimize compliance and profitability with advanced merchant monitoring technology

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AI Powered

Underpinned by proprietary large language and machine learning models for detailed insights in real-time.

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Automated & Fast

Faster than manual, legacy solutions means you can run risk assessments more often.

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Merchant Monitoring can be run programmatically or triggered by an API call, so you can define your own schedule for risk monitoring.


React immediately to changing merchant risk

Real time alerts

Reduce your long exposure window by running real time searches

Reduce chargebacks

Run risk assessment more regularly, and receive granular results in real-time

Prevent Risk

Rapidly assess stress on the merchant across hundreds of signals

Modular and Configurable

A programmatic approach to merchant risk assessment

Monitoring Core

A comprehensive review of key aspects of a merchant’s online presence and operations.

Monitoring Lite

A streamlined solution designed to effectively gauge the operational status of a merchant.

Custom Monitoring

Customize the aspects of a merchant's profile you want to analyze and programatiicaly analyze via an API.

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Comprehensive Merchant Analysis

We analyze hundreds of risk signals from across the merchant's web presence

Nature of Business

Continuously monitor what the business does and potential transaction laundering risks


Assess the sentiment of the business based on reviews and traffic

Merchant Status

Analyze business activity for signs of stress and closure

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